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Spring has Sprung (for now)

We had some very warm weather that made the crocus bloom.  I looked for it yesterday, and it was not blooming then. The wind is blowing very hard right now, and we will get thunderstorms (and maybe worse) in an … Continue reading

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A Few Random Photos

I wandered around today with my camera and took a few photos.  It was a warm day, although we are still in winter.  Most of the snow is gone, but some remains and the ground is saturated. In a roadside … Continue reading

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I Can’t Walk Past a Puddle….

…without taking a picture. This was on a sidewalk in our yard.  I wasn’t all that happy with the result but I did enjoy the experience.  I got the knees of my jeans wet and muddy, and I loved it!

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More Insects

Here are some photos from yesterday. A dance fly, possibly Empis clausa. Peck’s skipper, Polites peckius. And a small bee, possibly Ceratina. The weather is still nice, but turning to autumn.

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White Pelicans in Flight

Yesterday I spent some time at Saylorville Reservoir and watched some white pelicans in flight. My photos do not do them justice.  These huge birds have a graceful, soaring flight.  When seen from a distance they are magnificent.  As the … Continue reading

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Good Day to be Outside

It was a good day to be outside today.  I went down to Medora Prairie–I was not feeling my best, but I thought some butterfly action might cheer me up. Cabbage whites are pretty common in Iowa, but they can … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Critters

I saw some neat critters yesterday as I was wandering around with my camera. This is a tachnid fly, probably a Cylindromyia sp.   A bullfrog found his way across the lawn. A Blanchard’s cricket frog hopped along the edge of … Continue reading

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Against the Wind

Cool August days with puffy clouds are absolutely gorgeous.  I love being out in them.  But often they are windy, and wind does not help the butterfly photography. The wind doesn’t help the butterflies, either.  This viceroy was fighting the … Continue reading

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There is always another way

I was sitting on my porch, feeling sorry for myself.  I lost my camera to a recent break-in.  Then I saw first one then three or four silver-spotted skippers.  Two landed on a decorative paving brick that someone gave us … Continue reading

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Forced Early Retirement

I am forced to stop taking bug photos for the time being. Someone broke into our house, breaking a patio door window to get in.  They took some stuff from us, including my camera. I will have to spend a … Continue reading

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