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Yesterday’s Bugs

Yesterday I went to Elk Rock State Park in southern Iowa to do some butterfly photography. This park has good numbers of a small, seldom seen butterfly called Henry’s elfin. This butterfly is found where its caterpillar hostplant, redbud, occurs … Continue reading

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It Has Been a While…

2020 was not a good year for me.  The pandemic happened.  It also brought a string of things that prevented me from doing what I love.  A computer crash resulted in the loss of about a year’s worth of photos.  … Continue reading

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First of the Year

I have a bunch of things I “should” be doing, but instead I headed to The Ledges State Park with my camera.  I wanted to see some butterflies, some wildflowers, and get some fresh air. The first wildflower I saw … Continue reading

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Chasing Butterflies

We have had a late spring, although finally it has warmed up.  As of yesterday I had not seen a wild butterfly this year.  I wanted to change that.  I went to Waubonsee State Park yesterday, which is about a … Continue reading

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Is Spring Finally Here?

I went to The Ledges today.  This is a really nice state park in Iowa, but like all of Iowa’s parks it is poorly maintained because of budget cuts.  But I was there to look for signs of spring. Snow … Continue reading

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Spring Flowers

I recently moved and inherited some daffodils along with the move.  But the weather has been cold, rainy, and some sleet fell last night.  Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Still, they are flowers and I have to take … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung (for now)

We had some very warm weather that made the crocus bloom.  I looked for it yesterday, and it was not blooming then. The wind is blowing very hard right now, and we will get thunderstorms (and maybe worse) in an … Continue reading

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Wet Tree Watch

It is that time of the year, or at least almost that time of year.  Watch for wet trees. Here in Iowa most of the trees are deciduous.  The leaves fell from the branches last year, and the sap is … Continue reading

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Early Signs of Spring

It is a cool day today–42 degrees F.  To those of you on the more logical scale, that is 6 degrees C.  Winter is taking its own sweet time leaving us. I wanted to take some pictures of some critters … Continue reading

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Another Sign of Spring

This is the first day of spring, and I am really ready for spring and summer weather.  About three weeks ago it seemed like it would never come.  I haven’t seen my first butterfly of the year yet, but I … Continue reading

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