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Wandering Around

We finally had some warm and dry weather so I wondered around the property.  This winter and early spring I spent some time photographing a moss on an old elm stump at the edge of our yard.  I went over … Continue reading

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Out for a Stroll

I photographed some moss on a stump earlier today, and accidentally photographed some springtails out for a stroll.  I did not see them while I took the picture, only when I saw the photo on my computer screen. I don’t … Continue reading

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February Photography

I wondered around and took a few photographs today.  Early February is not good for the type of photos I like to take–it is too early for flowers, there is no new snow (not that I am complaining about that), … Continue reading

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It is Still There

A few days ago I wrote about a small bit of moss that lives in the tongue of an antique cornstalk cutter that we have.  At the time it was covered with snow. We have had a few days with higher … Continue reading

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Under the Snow

Here is an antique corn stalk cutter that we have in our yard. Back in May of 2011 I took some pictures of a moss that was living in the handle of this cutter. I wonder how it is doing … Continue reading

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Can a Moss Bring You to Tears?

At yesterday’s Iowa Prairie Network winter meeting one of the speakers recounted how, during a BioBlitz, one of the team leaders started showing and naming a number of mosses, liverworts, and lichens.  She said it became such an emotional experience … Continue reading

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Rose Moss

One thing that is both neat and maddening about mosses is the fact that they can look so very different in different seasons or when moisture levels change. This is rose moss, Rhodobryum roseum.  I don’t think it is particularly rare, … Continue reading

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Fungus on a log

I have been splitting some firewood for the winter.  As you might imagine, the wood is quite wet this year.  As I moved a log, I saw a little mist coming out from between the logs, just as the sun … Continue reading

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