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A Few More Bugs

I went to Christiansen Forest Preserve tonight and wandered around with the camera.  I found a few cool looking insects. This plains clubtail was fairly active.  It spent some time in the short grass of the mowed path, but took … Continue reading

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Today’s Critters

Today was a beautiful day and I was able to spend a little time wandering around with my camera.  There were lots of cool insects out. This viceroy was taking nectar from rattlesnake master. An eastern tiger swallowtail was working … Continue reading

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Dragonfly Activity

Cherry-faced meadowhawks, Sympterum internum, were flying in tandem over the mud of a small drainage ditch yesterday.  There were four or five pairs in this small area and a couple of solitary males. The same species is very common this … Continue reading

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Finally, some signs of Spring

Spring has been pretty slow around here.  Finally, a sure sign that it is here has shown up though.  The first crocus of the year has shown up in our yard. They may be slow because of the deep frost … Continue reading

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The Widow Skimmer

This lovely dragonfly has the common name, widow skimmer.  I wonder where the name came from?  

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A Small Dragonfly

A small dragonfly called the eastern amberwing, Perithemis tenera, likes to hang out in the prairie.  In fact, that is mostly where I find it. This is the smallest common dragonfly that we have here.

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What I did on my Summer Vacation

We just got back from a short vacation.  We drove from our place, which is near Des Moines, Iowa to Saint Louis–somewhere around seven hours each way.  As always, I was easily distracted by the wildlife. We drove through Eldon, … Continue reading

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Dragonflies in the Grass

Small dragonflies have been flying in the grass of our yard.  Not quite so many that I would call them a swarm,  but a dozen or two.  Their flight is not so rapid and overwhelming as some of the others … Continue reading

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An Eastern Amberwing

Here is a photograph I took Saturday of an eastern amberwing, Perithemis tenera.  This is a male. Also, for your entertainment, I thought I would add a wood-tick count to my postings.  I know it would make more sense to … Continue reading

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Some Things Can’t be Photographed

Well, maybe someone else can, but I have seen a few things where I am totally at a loss. Here is one: This is a dragonfly feeding swarm.  There were somewhere between one and two dozen dragonflies flying within a … Continue reading

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