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Today’s Bugs

I was able to take a little time today to travel to a local prairie and met some friends there.  Officially it was a prairie walk, but several of us were more into the insects, and we had a good … Continue reading

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Three Habitats

This summer, I was able to attend a bioblitz at the Whiterock Conservancy near Coon Rapids, Iowa. On one of the field trips we saw three types of habitat typical to Iowa.  We traveled through the first two to find … Continue reading

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Green-eyed Lady

I just got back from a work trip to Camp Ripley in central Minnesota.  I took the opportunity to visit some local wild areas there after work.  There is a SNA site called The Ripley Esker.  I was mainly chasing … Continue reading

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Royalty, Just Above the Mud

Yesterday I went to Medora Prairie, which is owned by The Nature Conservancy, in search of the magnificent regal fritillary,  Speyeria idalia.  I did find some, but most were where I had not expected to see them.  The limited access … Continue reading

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A Flower from Dad

My dad converted part of his back yard to a little re-constructed prairie patch.   At the time a few people were planting prairie plants, but not many.  I did not know anyone else with a back yard prairie.  He … Continue reading

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Chasing Butterflies Today

Butterflies have been kind of scarce in central Iowa lately, mostly because of about a week of cool, rainy weather.  So I was anxious to get out and take some pictures.  I also wanted to go somewhere that might have … Continue reading

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Lots of Butterflies Today

It got warm today, and we had lots of butterflies.  I counted 75 on my lunch walk today–probably the highest total for the year.  Most were orange sulfurs, but I saw a monarch, a couple of painted ladies, dainty sulfurs, … Continue reading

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A Small Dragonfly

A small dragonfly called the eastern amberwing, Perithemis tenera, likes to hang out in the prairie.  In fact, that is mostly where I find it. This is the smallest common dragonfly that we have here.

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Chasing the Regal Fritillary

Western prairies have a butterfly that is magnificently beautiful.  The name regal, which is part of its common name describes it. The regal fritillary is about the size of a monarch, and is a lovely dark brown with silvery spots … Continue reading

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In Honor of Prairies

I attended the Iowa Prairie Network Winter Meeting today.  Tallgrass prairies are an ecotype that covered a significant part of Iowa prior to the settlement by people of European descent.  Less than a fraction of a percent is left. A … Continue reading

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