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The Mosses are Blooming

Well, they are not blooming in the strict botanical sense.   But they are becoming quite beautiful. I posted some photos of a moss from our yard a couple of weeks ago.  The little hazelnut shell I was using as a marker … Continue reading

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Notice any difference?

I showed a photo of a moss on the third, and I tried to photograph it from about the same angle today. Notice any differences?  For reference, here is the photo from five days ago. Growth can be slow and … Continue reading

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Milkweed Happenings

The seed pods of common milkweed have dried up and split open.  Lightweight brown seeds attached to silky threads have found their way out. This one has found its way onto a New England aster.

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Photos from Sunday

Here are a couple of photographs I took on Sunday.  The first is a plant bug nymph.  It looks similar to the nymph of the Box Elder Bug, but it does seem to have different markings than most of the … Continue reading

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An Iris in October

We have a number of flowers at our property.  Irises are among my favorites.  Iris usually blooms in the late spring, but we have a couple of white irises blooming right now. I am not sure if this is a … Continue reading

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Fungus on a log

I have been splitting some firewood for the winter.  As you might imagine, the wood is quite wet this year.  As I moved a log, I saw a little mist coming out from between the logs, just as the sun … Continue reading

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How Tall Does it Get?

Here is a ten foot tall ragweed plant.  That is pretty tall. Books and web sites give the maximum height at about 15-17 feet.  Anyone have records for taller ragweed plants?

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