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Reality Sets In

I have been daydreaming about butterflies and thinking about butterfly conservation.  Mother Nature has apparently decided that I should not be wasting my time, and hit us with a snowstorm and some arctic weather. We get “snow dogs” once in … Continue reading

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More on the Idea of the Butterfly Flux

One of the things about blogging is that you can put ideas out there in real time, maybe while they are in the process of being developed.  So I put out the idea of a “butterfly flux,” and since that … Continue reading

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Butterfly Flux

Are you familiar with the concept of flux?  It is sort of a technical concept, and it usually relates to the rate of something (heat, a chemical reaction, photons) across a unit area.  That rate can be in the process … Continue reading

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Thinking about Butterflies in the Middle of Winter

I have been thinking about butterflies and butterfly conservation lately.  I know it is winter, but that is the way it goes. It seems to me that butterfly conservation efforts focus on the rare.  The Poweshiek skipper that I have … Continue reading

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Melting Snow

Most of our snow has melted.  We have another warm day today, but the forecast is for the temperatures to stay down below freezing starting tonight, and continuing for several days. I found a small patch of snow that is … Continue reading

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The Government is Trying to take Your Arkansas Toothpicks

This news article is from the Niles Weekly Register,  September 16, 1837. A tax of one hundred dollars on a particular type of knife (that certainly sold for less than 100 dollars) seems like an attempt to prevent people from … Continue reading

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Water Towers

This is a shot of Granger, Iowa through the fence on our property.  I liked the light but did not have time to do the light justice.  

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A Wet Lichen

This lichen is on the bark of a tree in our yard.  Lichens take on stronger colors when they are wet, as this one was. I leafed through my book Lichens of North America, by Brodo, Sharnoff, and Sharnoff.  It … Continue reading

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It is Still There

A few days ago I wrote about a small bit of moss that lives in the tongue of an antique cornstalk cutter that we have.  At the time it was covered with snow. We have had a few days with higher … Continue reading

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A Life List of Life (of a sort)

This Autumn I went to the Texas Butterfly Festival.  It was a pretty unique event and I had a lot of fun.  I had a little bit of a culture shock when I went down there, though.  A lot of … Continue reading

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