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World Robber Fly Day

Don’t ask me why, but apparently today is “world robberfly day.” This one is Laphria flavicollis. And this is Holcocephala fusca. Just another reason to drink beer.

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Adapting to Conditions

For several weeks I had been planning on taking three days off and doing some trips to look for some of Iowa’s rarer butterflies, and just to get out in nature in general.  So I took Wednesday through Friday off … Continue reading

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Because it’s Earth Day…

…or maybe because it was a beautiful day and I could, I took a bunch of pictures today.  And I got earth on the knees of my jeans as I did.  And I got earth on my elbows as I … Continue reading

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View from the Mud

I took some photos today in the yard and in the ditch. A couple of different mosses. You might know what this is if you have had any basic botany classes, or even introductory biology classes.  I will let you … Continue reading

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Backyard Butterfly Tonight

There was a red admiral flying around the back yard tonight.  It would fly around and land on a small stump left over from when we cut down a pear tree last fall.  Then it would fly again, and land … Continue reading

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Arkansas Butterflies

Last week my coworkers and I left a cold, rainy Iowa and drove to Arkansas to take some classes.  It was warm and sunny down there, and after the classes were over we had a little time to ourselves.  Others … Continue reading

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Why are There so Many Mosses?

I traveled a little this week and found myself in Arkansas.  I was able to get away after my classes and wandered around in the woods with my camera.  Today I went to the Ledges here in Iowa and was … Continue reading

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Out for a Stroll

I photographed some moss on a stump earlier today, and accidentally photographed some springtails out for a stroll.  I did not see them while I took the picture, only when I saw the photo on my computer screen. I don’t … Continue reading

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