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Photos from Yesterday and Today

I was able to spend a few hours out in nature this weekend and pretty much enjoyed myself. First I went to Marietta Sand Prairie in Marshall County, looking for butterflies.  I saw a few.  Nothing rare–meadow fritillaries, viceroy, orange … Continue reading

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Against the Wind

Cool August days with puffy clouds are absolutely gorgeous.  I love being out in them.  But often they are windy, and wind does not help the butterfly photography. The wind doesn’t help the butterflies, either.  This viceroy was fighting the … Continue reading

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Butterflies in the Apple Tree

I saw some butterflies in the apple tree tonight. These monarchs were trying to find a roost for the night.  As it was not yet dark, they were still quite easily spooked and flew off shortly after I photographed them. … Continue reading

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Last of the Viceroys

As the season progresses, some butterflies just fade away.  I saw this viceroy Sunday.  Viceroys may occasionally be found here in October or later, but not often.  

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The Viceroy

This is a viceroy, Limenitis archippus.  Biology classes often use it as an example of Mullerian mimicry.  In this type of mimicry, both species are distasteful to their potential predators.  It used to be used as an example of Batesian … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just About Pretty Flowers

Butterflies are attracted to flowers.  Butterflies are often associated with flowers. But they are not just attracted to flowers.  I took this photo a number of years ago of four viceroys drinking the juices of a rotten apple. These northern … Continue reading

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More Sap Drinkers

I noticed lots of butterflies in our lilac bushes.  They were there for a reason–they were drinking sap. Here is a viceroy. And here are two northern pearly-eyes. This is a fairly common behavior for brushfoot butterflies.

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Yesterday’s Trip

Yesterday I spent about an hour at Hoffman Prairie, which is near Clear Lake, Iowa.   I was looking for the Poweshiek skipper, which was seen at the site in very small numbers a few years ago.  I didn’t see any. … Continue reading

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