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Aster Visitors

Late in the year few flowers are blooming except asters.  I am not sure the species, nor have I taken the time to identify the insects that I photographed.  Maybe it is because I am hearing the presidential debates in … Continue reading

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Some Butterflies and a Fly

Today was very hot and humid.  But it was a great day for taking pictures of butterflies and other insects. This is a hackberry emperor.  Today was the first time I have seen this species this year.  These small woodland … Continue reading

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Photo Euphoria

Every year when spring comes I go out and look for the first crocuses to bloom.  But I wasn’t ready this year.  They are up now, but I think I missed the first bloom by several days.  Spring came early … Continue reading

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San Diego Bugs

I recently spent a week in San Diego California for a course that was required as part of my work.  Since it was below freezing when I left, and snowed here in Iowa while I was gone,  I was sort … Continue reading

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The Black Digger wasp

This black digger wasp, Sphex pensylvanicus, was visiting the extrafloral nectaries of partridge pea. It visited several in rapid succession, spending about a second or two at each one. Partridge pea is an annual plant found in tallgrass prairies.  It … Continue reading

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Today’s Bugs

I was able to take a little time today to travel to a local prairie and met some friends there.  Officially it was a prairie walk, but several of us were more into the insects, and we had a good … Continue reading

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The Predator and the Scavenger

I found a robber fly, possibly Laphria thoracica flavicollis (as identified on Bugguide) today while I was chasing butterflies.  It had captured a small colorful bug as its prey. The activity had already attracted a scavenger.  Note the much smaller fly taking advantage … Continue reading

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A Year in Review

The end of 2014 has turned out to be pretty busy for me–not so much time left for my photography.  But I did have some time this morning to review the photos I took, and I came up with some … Continue reading

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The Spider and the Fly

A lynx spider is consuming its prey, which is some kind of fly. I took the photo at a little bit of an angle in order to get all of the spider in the photo.  It was mostly vertical with … Continue reading

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Dancing Fly

A tiny fly dances at the edge of a peony leaf–an obvious visual display. I have seen this species of fly before–it is a black scavenger fly, possibly in the genus Sepsis. From the condition of its abdomen I think … Continue reading

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