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Female Treachery

Yesterday was cool and cloudy and not a good day for photographing butterflies.  So I took some photos of flies.  I found one that was new to me and got some photos.  However, my work is not done–they have an … Continue reading

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You Don’t Find This in Just Any Ditch

This large-flowered beardtongue, Pentistoma grandiflora, is blooming in the roadside ditch next to our house tonight.   This is a tallgrass prairie plant, native to the state, but probably in the ditch because of integrated roadside management programs that plant … Continue reading

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Hypothetical Butterflies

People who know me know that I like butterflies.  As a result I get a lot of hypothetical butterflies–birthday cards and other things with representations of butterflies.  They don’t reflect reality–just some abstract concept of a butterfly.  My mother used … Continue reading

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Six Species of Frogs (or maybe seven, or eight, or even nine)

Our little pond has attracted at least six species of frogs.  Pond might be a stretch–puddle is probably closer to the truth.  The pond is not very deep and dries out in more years than not.  But it is great … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal

This red admiral let me get within a few inches so I could take its picture.   The photo was reduced in size but not cropped.  I did get that close.   I could have caught him with my fingers.

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An Oddly-colored Butterfly

I photographed this butterfly near my small reconstructed prairie this morning. The morning was a little cool and this individual was reluctant to fly, so I was able to pull some of the grass stems near it to get a … Continue reading

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