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Some Prairie Flowers

I have been trying to trudge through this winter and have been looking for winter photo opportunities.  But it is cold outside, and it gets dark soon.  Plus, I recently saw a web site with a number of prairie flower … Continue reading

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Fun with Flowers

Yesterday we had two crocus flowers blooming–both yellow.  Today the yellow ones are blooming, and a couple of purple ones have popped up as well.  I got a chance to enjoy my hobby of photography today, but I also got … Continue reading

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A Flower from Dad

My dad converted part of his back yard to a little re-constructed prairie patch.   At the time a few people were planting prairie plants, but not many.  I did not know anyone else with a back yard prairie.  He … Continue reading

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More Fly Beauty

If you look around at nature you can find beauty everywhere, even in such an unlikely group as the flies.   Sure, the flower is beautiful.  But what about those red eyes?

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The Butterfly Chase

On Monday there was a very short window of time when the butterflies were out.  I saw a single black swallowtail drinking nectar from the Dame’s rocket flowers.  While I was trying to photograph it another joined in and chased … Continue reading

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First Flowers

Crocus are blooming. First garden flowers of the year. Ahhhh….  

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Don’t You Just Love March?

I like to take pictures of flowers and bugs.  That’s my hobby.  March should be a good time to do that.  Instead, I got this photograph of icicles on the porch steps. Here’s a photo I took this date last … Continue reading

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Spring Fever

I am tired of winter, even though we had a fairly warm day today.  I was looking at some pictures I took last year, and we are not that far off.  We did have an early spring last year, but … Continue reading

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At the End of a Rainy Day

We have had a cool, overcast afternoon, following a long rain that started early in the morning and lasted until almost noon.  I can feel the change of  seasons coming on. It has been a few days since I went … Continue reading

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Like a Wet Car

This morning I took some photos of some shiny black beetles on a New England aster flower. I was surprised to see the reflections of the flower’s petals in the beetles.  

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