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Clean Beans and Aphids

Clean beans created the conditions that caused outbreaks of soybean aphids in the same way that pouring an accelerant (for example, gasoline) around the outside of a building would cause the conditions for a fire. The soybean aphid is Aphis … Continue reading

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Clean Beans

In the late 1990s clean beans came to Iowa. The beans had a resistance to a broad spectrum herbicide. Farmers have used herbicides against the weeds for over half a century, but never with the complete success that the herbicide … Continue reading

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Best of the Year

In response to a blog post encouraging people to post their best photos of the year on The Compound Eye blog, here are the photos I consider my best of the year. Sometimes it is not just about nature–it is … Continue reading

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Deer from the Window

We had a deer right outside our window tonight.  It was too dark to take a good picture, so this badly underexposed photo was digitally lightened. I think it was looking for the pods of the black locust trees we … Continue reading

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Too Much Eggnog

Myiomyrmica fenestrata had a little too much eggnog and dressed up for the holidays. Shameful behavior! Enjoy the holiday.

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What I did on my Winter Vacation

I have been kind of busy lately and have not posted as often as I did in the summer.  Partially it has been because I have been re-doing my other website. You can find it at It is a … Continue reading

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In a Drop of Water

Our landscape is covered with snow.  This is a drastic change from the conditions of just a few days ago when the grass was green and we could go outside without our coats. Snow melts on the roof and drips … Continue reading

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Back On Line

We had a huge winter storm come through on Wednesday and we were without electricity until today–probably about 36 hours altogether. I have been busy on other things as well, and have not been posting here too regularly.  I will have … Continue reading

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Clean Beans and the Poweshiek Skipper

The Poweshiek skipper disappeared from Iowa sometime around 2000-2005.  Coincidental with that disappearance were two unusual events.  One was massive outbreaks of soybean aphids, and the other was an irruption of massive quantities of a non-native lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis. … Continue reading

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That’s Just Wrong

I am on a listserve that discusses insects in Iowa.  Recently someone brought up a topic about cornfields.  A blog on the National Public Radio webpage mentioned a photographer who went around the world photographing all of the living things he … Continue reading

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